Workshop organized by Veneto Innovazione

New automation systems and training paths to help school children to learn robotics.

Recent researches showed that in the future, the most required jobs would be very creative with a significant social impact. At the same time, the activities that require repetitive actions will be performed by robots.

Still, companies that already deal with robotics and industrial automation require new technical and managerial skills. It follows that the learning models used to train new “digital employees” are being transformed.

Robotics must enter school. Future designers must study automation already at school. It is necessary to develop the skills of the professionals who will have to work in the “factory of the future” with training able to achieve new digital productions. It is also necessary to start with children. School and industry must share methodologies and practices.

An Italian national project, launched by Comau in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research, trained 4,000 students on robotics and industry 4.0. After a final test, 2100 students of technical institutes obtained the robotics license.

Last May the 9th in Verona at the technical Institute Galileo Ferraris, the “Robotics, Digital Transformation and Learning” event took place.

On that day the Robotics licenses were given to young students in a crowded ceremony.

Veneto Innovazione was among the co-organizers of the event and presented the Innopeer AVM project during a workshop on the opportunities of Advanced Manufacturing processes for industrial companies where businesses, specialized in advanced industrial automation systems and products, presented new transformation and learning processes that respond to the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution.

The event brought together schools, universities and businesses to talk about robotics, Industry 4.0 Transformation processes and investment in the training of young human resources.