Innovative Financial Instruments to support Industrial Investment in Energy Effiency

8th September, Online

The event, arranged by RER and planned for the 8th of September 2020 (16.30 – 18.00 pm) is addressed to Industry, both SMEs and Enterprises interested in investing to become more energy efficient through public support. During FIRECE activities, specially the high-level training implemented in Brussels and involving officers of the European Investment Bank, lot of knowledge has been shared and of high value.

This event, targeted to Industry has the aim to better support the Industry transition to a low-carbon Economy, on the one hand, sharing the knowledge that the project has enabled to develop within the partnership, while collecting, on the other hand, also the point of view of the Industry sector with the aim to better shape future Financial Instruments and Regional Energy Plans  that are in drafting phase for the shortcoming new Programming Period.

The event, due to Covid restrictions, will take place online. SMEs and Enterprises have been invited as well as Industry Associations and representatives to join and to register to the event. 

The topics of the event will be:

  • The Firece Guidelines on financial instruments to support the implementation of the Energy Plans
  • Guidelines to assist Regional Authorities and SMEs to assess public investment to industry

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