Milestone accomplished:
ELEKTRA floats

Demonstrator for InterGreen-Nodes

How can inland shipping within sensitive regions become CO2-neutral? The InterGreen-Nodes project partner BEHALA has been dealing with this question for years.
Now the time has come and the successful launching of the ELEKTRA was celebrated on 27. May 2021 at the Hermann Barthel shipyard in Derben. Now the push boat will be further equipped and fitted out at the quay.
After the completion of relevant tests and approvals by experts, surveyors and the inspection commission of the Waterways and Shipping Administration, the construction and commissioning process can be completed. If everything goes according to plan, the world's first zero-emission push boat can be transferred to its home port of Berlin Westhafen at the end of August to start testing the transport mode. The resulting knowledge will be evaluated in terms of its technical performance and environmental impact as part of InterGreen-Nodes in collaboration with the Technische Hochschule Wildau.

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