International Premiere of the film "A Sustainable Journey" at the European Parliament

November 29th - At the same time of its online release, the film "A Sustainable Journey" premiere was presented at the European Parliament during the Charter Award Ceremony, which grants recognition to the new Protected Areas that adhere to the European Charter for Protected Areas network.

Every year, EUROPARC Federation grants a special recognition to those Sustainable Destinations that have started their path or renewed their commitment towards Sustainability; the Charter Awards, or the Awards of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas. And at EUROPARC, we found this event to be the right moment to hold the Premiere of “A Sustainable Journey”, the movie that has been produced in the framework of CEETO project in order to raise awareness among travellers and local communities on sustainable tourism

On November 29th, at the European Parliament and within the Charter Awards agenda, the film "A Sustainable Journey" was released under great expectation from the participants in a high-level event that is already popular among the European Protected Areas that work towards sustainability.

Expectation during the Premiere of A Sustainable Journey

Expectation during the Premiere of A Sustainable Journey - Photo by EUROPARC Federation

This year, nineteen Sustainable Destinations were awarded the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas, kindly hosted by the Member of the European Parliament Mr. Paolo de Castro from the Group of the progressive alliance of Socialists & Democrats

EUROPARC was delighted to welcome a range of high-level speakers to this year’s Ceremony: the MEP Julie Ward from the CULT Committee, MEP Giovanni La Via from Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, Christof Kienel, Head of Unit Tourism, Secretariat of the Commission for Natural Resources (NAT), European Committee of the Region and Nicola Notaro, Head of Unit Nature Protection, DG Environment.


A Sustainable Journey - Watch the film.

Remember that the Movie is available online in 5 different languages at CEETO webpage A Sustainable Journey - The Film, together with promotional materials. Help us spreading the word on Sustainable Tourism by sharing the film!