Young Central Europe traveling

This summer YOUMOBIL handed free Interrail monthly Global passes to young people from partner countries, to discover 40.000 destinations and ride on trains in 31 different country.

Five partner countries – Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic, selected 30 young people from the age of 18 to 26, to travel around Europe in summer 2019 and discover Europe by train. They were invited to visit at least 5 out of 7 partner regions – Quedlinburg (Germany), Modena (Italy), Brezno and Žilina (Slovakia), Plock (Poland), South Moravian Region (Czech Republic) and Dugo Selo (Croatia).

We followed them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and blogs, and you can find them too and see their travels, accompanied by amazing photographs and experiences behind them.

Michal (Slovakia) -

Igor (Slovakia) -

Martina (Slovakia) -

Adam (Slovakia) -

Jan (Slovakia) -

Simona (Slovakia) -

Erik (Slovakia) -

Marian (Slovakia) -

Denisa (Slovakia) -

Myriam (Italy) -,,

Claudia (Italy) -,

Tommaso (Italy) -

Gregorio (Italy) -

Petr (Czech Republic) -,

Jiří (Czech Republic) -

Lukáš (Czech Republic) -

Hana (Czech Republic) -

Pavel & Jan (Czech Republic) -

Anna (Poland) -

Adam (Poland) -

Nicole (Germany) -

Franz (Germany) -

Mariam (Germany) -

Sophie (Germany) -

Luise (Germany) -,

Jo & Nell (Germany) -

Eric (Germany) -

Bennet (Germany) -