Interreg Project CEUP 2030 has officially started: Promoting the joint networking of the research community with decision makers in the CE region.

On 1st of March, the Interreg Central Europe project CEUP 2030Central Europe Upstreaming for Policy Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 towards 2030” officially started its work for the next 2 years. The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Profactor GmbH (PRO) are two of the 10 partners in this project, which are also very active in the Synergy Consortium. CEUP 2030 is coordinated by Krakow Technology Park (Poland) with a total funding of about 1.1 million Euros. The project CEUP 2030 promotes the exchange of organizations from seven countries in order to design common strategies and framework conditions and to position the topic of Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing even more strongly with decision-makers in the region.

Keep Europe's industry competitive
In order for the European industry to remain competitive, knowledge must be expanded, stakeholders have to expand their networks even more and, above all, common framework conditions must be developed. In this context, CEUP 2030 strives for excellence in policy making on Industry 4.0/Advanced Manufacturing in Central Europe focussing on four key technology areas: Artificial intelligence, Automation & Robotics, Big & Real data processing and New materials.
CEUP 2030 will synergise the outputs and results of six European twin projects from the Interreg Central Europe and Horizon 2020 funding schemes thereby creating strong links between the projects and their stakeholders. With the use of transnational, multi-level learning tools such as Policy learning labs, Policy Intelligence Dashboards as well as Trend & Innovation Networks, the CEUP 2030 partnership will create a robust innovation system approach for regional & transnational policy making with high practical relevance. The aim is to facilitate joint digitization initiatives in Central and Eastern Europe by using this knowledge. As part of project’s operation, a number of workshops, labs, networking as well as technical events will be organised. 

Within CEUP 2030, both partners are acting as linkage and input provider for the Interreg Project SYNERGY (CE 1171) connecting the established Stakeholder networks to CEUP2030 and other National and European initiatives.

In addition, the IAI (Institute for Automation and Applied Informatics) team from KIT is contributing both their scientific expertise in the areas of Industry4.0/Advanced Manufacturing and heading up the key technology area of Big & Real data processing. PROFACTOR is responsible for the key technology area of Automation and Robotics. 

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