Friday 7 June, at the Venice Chamber of Commerce, Rovigo, Veneto Innovazione presented the KETGATE project to companies. Through the KETGATE Point network, it aims to facilitate the access of small and medium enterprises to KETS- key enabling technologies - to develop innovation projects.

Friday, 7 June, Veneto Innovazione presented companies the opportunities offered by the European network of KETGATE Points. It collaborated with the Chamber of Commerce of Venice and Rovigo on the Info Day “Ecosistema Impresa 4.0: Centri di supporto nazionali e network internazionali” addressed to SMEs and business support organizations. Veneto Innovazione, through its KETGATE Point, showed how it can assist SMEs in assessing the capacity for innovation, in seeking the most suitable research and technology organization. Last but not least, it explained how it can facilitate the launch of international collaborations to bring new products to the market. During the Info Day, Veneto Innovazione also presented the European Research and Technology Organizations, specialized in KETS for manufacturing. Companies, therefore, have the opportunity to learn about the vast scientific and technological offer available to develop new products and materials.

During the event, a focus was also given to the Italian national plan Industry 4.0 and its helpdesks for innovation present at the national level. The services offered by the Digital Enterprise Points (PID) were presented together with the Ca ‘Foscari University of Venice. A critical moment introduced the framework of national and regional subsidies on research and innovation and the map of Competence Centres and the Digital Innovation Hubs highly specialized on topics related to Industry 4.0.