KETGATE Study Visit at Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana

After the successful study visit at Joanneum, Weiz, the meeting of KETGATE project and associated partners continued on 31st of January at Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana. The study visit at Jožef Stefan Institute was opened by director prof. Dr. Jadran Lenarčič. Tomaž Lutman from Center for Technology Transfer and Innovation at Jožef Stefan Institute presented the institute, key enabling technologies that are being developed and infrastructure that supports the research facilities. Afterwards the research departments (Complex Matter; Nanostructured Materials; and Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics) and related infrastructure of the institute have been shown to partners.

In the afternoon the study visit has been continued with presentation of joint transnational service provision, business models and examples by Jožef Stefan Institute. This was followed by motivation presentation of business model canvas by dr. Jennifer Bilbao, Steinbeis and workshop, where business models of cooperation between SMEs, RTOs and BSOs have been discussed and presented on the business canvas by each group. The workshop on business models is the foundation for the development of the business model of the Smart KET Access Points.