South Bohemia and Saxony-Anhalt exchange on improvements in intermodal transport

The region of Kaplice, South Bohemia, is characterized by low-density settlements and a lack of public transport links. Although there is a proximity to the European transport network (main railway line Ceske Budejovice – Linz), residents in Kaplice area do not profit from this connection. On top of this, local touristic attractions (cadastral territory and hilly landscape) cannot be reached comfortably by public transport.

JIKORD, South Bohemia’s public transport agency, pilots new bus connections allowing residents of Kaplice to better access the TEN-T, increasing the availability of regional centres, and enabling tourists to visit the area.

Facing similar challenges, partners from Saxony-Anhalt visited the region to learn on the new service and its intermodal connection. After testing the bus line, RUMOBIL partners discussed on the concept, first results, and challenges together with stakeholders from the city of Kaplice as well as transport operating companies.

Kaplice study trip
Kaplice study trip 2