Launch of „digitalLIFE4CE“ learning & knowledge hub

Networks, lifelong learning and continuous exchange of experiences are important success factors in order to be up-to-date in the digital age. digitalLIFE4CE project partners have developed an online knowledge platform for the field of integrated healthcare.

The English-speaking "Learning and knowledge Hub" gives access to state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of health care and digitalization. The innovative knowledge platform includes current know-how in an international context in six online sessions on the following topics:

  • Connected Health & Network Building:
    Find out how digitalization, smart networks and smart ageing change the healthcare sector in Central Europe.
  • Digitalisation for Health Care Management:
    Catch a glimpse of health care management and hospitals of the future and get inspired by success stories from start-ups, excellent companies and best practices.
  • Digitalisation for Health Promotion & Prevention:
    Explore existing solutions for digitalization in health prevention and learn more about the principles of health promotion in our videos.
  • Digital Assistance in Healthcare Delivery:
    Learn more about the benefits of digital support, augmented and virtual reality in diagnosis and surgery.
  • Big Data & digital Health Care Trends:
    Find interesting facts to enhance your knowledge about digital health trends, big data and data analysis. Explore how big data could be used to improve the health care services.
  • Technical & Organisational Infrastructure for Integrated Healthcare:
    Understand what pervasive health is and how it changes the future of healthcare. 

 The knowledge platform will be launched on 15. November 2018 and is primarily aimed at health professionals, students, policy makers, regional and public authorities, researcher, entrepreneurs and all stakeholders interested in the health sector.

Exchange of knowledge and experience has the goal to increase the innovation potential of all participants and to generate new knowledge together.

Interested parties are welcome to complete the online registration for the “digitalLIFE4CE Learning Hub“:

Registration Learning Hub