The list of advisors of the REEF 2W project has been published

We present the results of the meeting that brought together all the trainers of the project. Any of the participants at the training have a complete view of the REEF 2W project. For this reason the trainers of REEF 2W project are able to use correctly the Tool and explain how it works and how to apply it to all the stakeholders and public authorities.

If you need to carry out an audit, the people registered as trainer of the project will be able to support you step by step.

Below you can find the list of trainers.

Name EmailProject PartnerCountry
 Roberto Farina ENEA Italy
 Anika Conrad adelphi Germany
 Mehdi Habibi KWB Germany
 Pavel Jeniček UCT Czech Republic
 Dana Pokorna UCT Czech Republic
 Zdenek Varga Veolia Czech Republic
 Marko Zlonoga REGEA Croatia
 Miljenko Jagarčec REGEA Croatia