The Innovation Sharing Approach (ISA) is here

The main objective of Polish local pilot was the creation of the Innovation Sharing Approach, a "manual" that contains a set of universal tools for those who (especially public institutions and NGOs) would be interested in implementing social innovation in their area and local community. And after months of work, ISA has been released .
The pilot wants to promote the usage of already existing, created from public funds, available innovations which can be implemented with the support and knowledge offered in ISA.
The second pillar of the pilot is the implementation and scaling up of the "SOS homini" mobile app by two Polish NGOs. The app is a tool that connects volunteers with dependent people (thus elderly people, people with disabilities etc.). SOS homini helps the institutions and organizations to facilitate the process of volunteering.
In this complicated pandemic, as elderly people are facing isolation these days and going out from their apartments become risky for them, SOS homini mobile app is an excellent facilitator to solve this problem. Though the possibilities to broaden the reach of the app and volunteer are limited at the moment, we hope that for those already enrolled, this social innovation will be even more useful now.
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