OPEN FUTURE club moved online! Slovak schools are closed but activities continue. For example, in April the participants learned about simulated missions to Mars. The club will re-open and welcome the new cohort in Autumn.

The club is an innovative centre were young people can learn leadership, entrepreneurship and digital skills and it is coping very well with the emergency situation.
In case any of the participants of OPEN FUTURE didn't have their own computer at home, they could borrow one from the club, so that they could join in online through ZOOM. Since early March, participants can benefit not only from online school tutoring, but also from inspiring webinars and challenges within OPEN FUTURE online programme. In April, for example, the group had a ZOOM webinar with an astrobiologist, Miska Musilova, who led simulated missions to Mars for NASA. They could learn about the future in space, about isolation during their preparatory missions, but most importantly that
▪ failures are a part of life, but it is necessary to always try our best
▪ behind seemingly obvious success is often a huge amount of work

For more info, visit the Nadácia Pontis Website:
or OPEN FUTURE FB Page: Budúcnosť INAK