Local Seminar to promote FIRECE plan and the Training contents - Croatia

22nd July 2020, Online

The seminar with the title “Local seminar to promote FIRECE plan and the Training contents” was organized by the representatives of PP3-IRENA on the 22nd of July. Due to the restrictions for the organization of physical events in Croatia, the seminar was organized on the ZOOM platform, with a total of 9 participants from Local and Regional Authorities, Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and two participants representing consultancy firms.
Mr. Andrea Poldrugovac opened the seminar with a small introduction and explanation of what gathered participants can expect from the seminar. It was highlighted that the main goal of this workshop is to present the FIRECE Action Plan and the developed training contents to support the implementation of Energy Plans in order to bring closer to the audience the importance of financial instruments, as a new and preferable way for financing projects, in the case of FIRECE the one dealing with Energy Efficiency and use of Renewable energy sources.

action plan

The second part of the local seminar was focused on the presentation of the developed training contents, as one of the main project outputs. Antonio Franković from IRENA explained that training courses and modules addressed to coordinators and operators of IFIs and Energy plans are essential to provide competence to implement and manage IFIs for Energy Plans implementation, especially concerning Industry Low-carbon transition. After the theoretical part, the online course was presented with comments and recommendations from the participants.

training content

The local seminar was concluded after the discussion among the participants, where the main topic was how local and regional authorities can play a more significant role in the development and implementation of new financing models, especially the one related to the investments in EE and RES by Industry or SMEs.