Long night of Research, 13. April 2018, Pinkafeld AT

Pinkafeld, 16th April 2018

Public event

The public event “Long night of Research” was opened by the governor of Burgenland Hans Niessl and Managing Director of University of Applied Sciences Burgenland Georg Pehm. After the opening, a science talk took place. The aim of public event was to raise awareness for digital healthcare, showcase excellent research solutions and give some general project information. At Long night of Research 350 visitors took part and gained new insights into world of Research and digital Healthcare. Project highlighted excellent solutions at “digitalLIFE4CE booth”.

PBN and FHb at Long nicht of research Pinkafeld 2018

Pannon Business Network showcased innovative 3D-printer which are used in medicine as well as in industries. University of applied Sciences Burgenland presented new mobile phone app “MedBusters”. That app provides evidence based health information with the goal to improve health literacy. Medical information or claims are evaluated on their degree of truth and validity. Medical information is displayed in easy-to-understand language.

For Sports, a start-up company from Burgenland, presented their high tech measurement device to measure coordination, jumping ability and motor skills at the highest level. Measured results can be compared in a community and sport science analysis can be performed. Adults and children were invited to test the for sports measurement device and were able to measure their coordination skills.

FHB long nicht of reasearch 2018

The public event was held under topic “Building bridges between healthcare systems in Central Europe”. Since many children visited the event, project partners tried to present project in an easy understandable way. Little building blocks were available for kids to build many bridges between healthcare systems in Central Europe. Also our littlest guests had fun and were able to explore the world of healthcare.

digitalLIFE workshop

Project partners Pannon Business Network and University of Applied Sciences Burgenland presented first results of the project. Live presentation of Visualisation Tool demonstrated the Health Excellent Hot Spots. Alexandra Weghofer gave a short presentation about the project in the digitalLIFE workshop and presented aims and first results from work pages 1. All in all 18 participants were involved in digitalLIFE workshop.

FHB workshop_1 2018

digitalLIFE individual session

In individual digitalLIFE session invited stakeholders, actors from field of health care and two project partners were looking for synergies to strengthen digitalization in integrated healthcare. Overall, 9 participants had several individual discussions to identify new cooperation opportunities. Project Manager Peter J. Mayer took the opportunity to build up novel cooperation with local policy makers, complementary projects and several companies. 

by Alexandra Weghofer