Loyalty programme in Poland

The loyalty programme "Młody Podróżnik" ("Young Traveller") is carried out jointly by Koleje Mazowieckie (Mazowieckie Railways) Company and the Self-government of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. 

What is the ‘Young Traveller’ - the loyalty programme by Koleje Mazowieckie? 

The programme is addressed to youth from 13 to 26 years who regularly make use of Mazowieckie Railways services (on monthly ticket basis). Those that don’t have Karta Mazowiecka (Mazowiecka Card) yet, can apply for one, then activate the loyalty programme and collect points when purchasing each monthly ticket via https://bilety.mazowieckie.com.pl/ website. They can redeem their points when buying next monthly ticket, by reducing its price.
The programme is intended for passengers who commute by Koleje Mazowieckie Company trains on the below indicated railway lines:

  • Line no. 2 Mrozy - Siedlce – Łuków
  • Line no. 6 Tłuszcz – Małknia – Szulborze Wielkie *)
  • Line no. 7 Pilawa – Dęblin
  • Line no. 8 Warka - Radom - Skarżysko Kamienna
  • Line no. 9 Nasielsk - Ciechanów – Działdowo
  • Line no. 22 Radom - Drzewica
  • Line no. 26 Radom – Dęblin
  • Line no. 27 Sierpc – Nasielsk
  • Line no. 29 Tłuszcz – Ostrołęka
  • Line no. 31 Czeremcha – Siedlce
  • Line no. 33 Kutno – Sierpc.

    *) Szulborze Wielkie station will be included into railway transport services from 13 December this year. 

    How can a person join the loyalty programme? 
  • Must be 18 or over 18, create user account at https://bilety.mazowieckie.com.pl/ and use it for purchasing tickets.
  • If under 18, parent or a legal guardian can create their account at https://bilety.mazowieckie.com.pl/ and use it for purchasing tickets.
  • If a person doesn’t have Mazowiecka Card yet, they can apply for it. Detailed information on Mazowiecka Card is available at the website: www.mazowieckie.com.pl and www.karta.mazowieckie.com.pl. There is also information on how to create user account and apply for issuing a card, how to log into an account, how to check card history etc.
  • Must activate participation in the loyalty programme on their user account.
  • Collect points for purchasing monthly tickets on-line, without leaving home.
  • Redeem points by reducing the purchase price of next monthly tickets.