Dr. Lucas Paletta presented the concept of multimodal simulation for people with dementia at the conference dHealth 2019 at Schonbrunn Palace.

Austria represents one of those countries with the highest percentage of population aging. While pharma giants are stepping out of dementia research, the analysis of the impact of such risk factors as lack of physical, social & cognitive stimulation & sleep, or bad nutrition shows the potential to find the optimal prevention program. This challenge provides discussions at most technology-oriented health conferences.

Since 2007, around 300 participants from science, industry, and healthcare fields have been meeting for an interdisciplinary dialogue on actual topics in the areas of health informatics and eHealth. In addition to scientific aspects, application-oriented aspects are covered and discussed as well. Following the motto "Health Informatics meets Digital Health - From eHealth to dHealth", the international 13th dHealth Conference took place from 28.-29. May 2019 at Schönbrunn Palace. The Austrian Institute for Technology (AIT), the Austrian Society for Biomedical Engineering (ÖGBMT) and the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) have jointly organized the conference.

The Institute DIGITAL of JOANNEUM RESEARCH and AAL Austria presented and explained the innovative approach of multimodal stimulation by means of the Workshop “Telehealth Applications for Aging Well-Existing Solutions, Best Practices, and Future Challenges”. The panel discussion with the participants from FH Kärnten, FH Wiener Neustadt, AIT, JOANNEUM RESEARCH and AAL Austria allowed the revealing of main milestones on the road to dementia prevention. 

Dr. Lucas Paletta, Key Researcher and Head of the Human Factors Lab at Institute DIGITAL was invited to present the talk "Activating Motivational Resources and Multimodal Simulation in Dementia. Using Serious Games, Playful Training and Social Robot-based Coaching ". The described research results and the development perspectives received high attention among the experts.