Maker Faire – 23.-24.03.2019 Chemnitz - a festival for inspiration, creativity and innovation

Maker Faire is a platform where makers can present their projects to a large audience, from hobby projects to prototypes.

The focus is on letting guests touch and try things out. The Faire offers many interesting activity stations, which are supplemented by fascinating presentations and workshops. Education is one our main goals. Children and students get a creative and playful introduction to science, technology and a passion for working with materials and tools. The most important thing is to have fun.

The Faire also indirectly generates interest in the classical STEM fields. A Maker Faire combines traditional industrial arts with next-generation technologies like the Internet of Things. (

Only those makers who conduct retail sales pay for their booth. Fab Labs, makerspaces and hackerspaces, open workshops and other exhibits are also among the private makers that are entitled to a free booth.