Maribor selected Idea Contest winners

Author: Karina Senveter, Municipality of Maribor

Within the framework of the project activities, the Municipality of Maribor made a call for competition for ideas on the subject of the Valorisation of the Cultural Heritage of St. Martin. The call was publicly announced on 23 August 2018 on NewPilgrimAge Facebook page

19 entries were submitted to the competition, and on the basis of the defined criteria, the Commission selected the best ideas. The Commission for the selection of the best idea consisted of: mag. Alenka Likar Mastnak, Municipality of Maribor, Project Manager , Teja Komel Klepec, Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts,  partner, and mag. Uroš Vidović, Change Driver Project  of NewPilgrimAge.

Maribor IC winner selection

The 4 best ideas in the following order: 
1. An interactive map of the pilgrimage route showing the points of sights on the way.
When clicking on points of sights you can see the description and pictures of individual destinations. The app also records the location of the pilgrim and for visiting a particular place, he gets some points. Points can also be obtained by solving a quiz at each place of visit.

2. Presentation of the Old Vine, St. Martin route, legends, customs on social networks (Snapchat and Instagram).

3. An interactive presentation of the St. Martin route in the area of the Municipality of Maribor that contains an interactive map of routes which includes catering and tourism providers, natural and cultural heritage along the way, words and thoughts of St. Martin etc.

4. An online application through which the Octopus project (handmade octopus for premature infants in maternity hospitals) would be presented to a wider circle of people. Why the octopus? Since its limbs are similar to an umbilical cord and by touching them, the premature infants can resemble time in the womb. The goal is an online application where all charity societies can be presented to a wider circle of people.

On the basis of the best ideas, the Municipality of Maribor will launch a pilot campaigns to increase the visibility of valorisation of cultural heritage, especially among young people.

The best ideas were presented at Mini Workshop within the NewPilgrimAge project, which was organized on 26 September 2018 in Tkalka, Maribor. The purpose of the workshop was to develop valorisation concepts of cultural heritage from award-winning innovation ideas - through a series of workshops and by individual fields.

Special awards will be given to the best ideas at the NPA event, which will be organized in the framework of the project at the end of October 2018 in Maribor.