Matchmaking of participatory methods and pilots

The objective of the URBAN INNO pilots (WPT3) is to implementing and evaluating (Smart) participatory methods in urban innovation processes and the innovative solutions designed should be developed in close cooperation with end–users, civil society and private sector.

In order to establish a common ground between the different pilot actions, aiming to target the local requirements collected during the pilot design phase, the WPT3 developed, through an interactive match-making process, a cross-pilot map of the planned usage of the participatory toolbox developed by WPT2.

 The matchmaking process was designed based on the following criteria:

  • at least 2 methods/tools should be tested by each pilot
  • each methods should be used as frequently as possible
  •  to test same methods within different scenarios (i.e. pilots)

Matchmaking was realized through a co-creation workshop held in Karlsruhe the 16th of May 2017, where all pilot project managers participated. The final result was consolidated through a final discussion between all partners.

Each of 9 pilot projects will apply at least two methods belonging to different categories, thus making cross-pilot evaluations of the almost totality of applied methodologies. Each main participatory methods will be used together with supporting methods, ICT tools and social media, in order to improve the user involvement and motivation.

Matchmaking of participatory methods and pilots

An overall summary of the matchmaking

Matchmaking of participatory methods and pilots

Pilot Matchmaking coverage