Meet YOUMOBIL teams

If you want to know who are the people responsible for the project implementation, keep on reading the article.

YOUMOBIL Team photos

We asked each team to shortly introduce themselves and to share something about their interests and their work in YOUMOBIL project. Here is what each of them wrote: 


Ministerium für Landesentwicklung und Verkehr des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany (Lead Partner) 

Saxony-Anhalt is confronted with manifold demographic challenges mainly caused by the decreasing number of inhabitants in rural areas. Their task is to address these changes and find solutions for all areas of public services. One important aspect is public transport. In YOUMOBIL, they work on future-oriented public transport services for young people in rural areas. They are developing and testing the new information app INSA YOUNG, which is going to present new information services and facilitate access to public transport. Another pilot project pursues the revitalization of the train station building in Weißenfels.  

Team: Jette, Sophie, Arne, Frank and Marlen 


T Bridge S.p.A, Italy 

T Bridge is a company of the BV TECH Group, engaged in engineering and ICT industry companies. T Bridge is specialized in transport engineering, has headquarters in Genoa and employs around 100 people. T Bridge deals with European and national projects, concerning innovation and research in mobility and sustainable transport systems and it has dedicated specialized engineering team for transport issues. 

The YOUMOBIL team implements projects activities, such as analysis and study of innovative solutions for operators and public bodies, with the involvement of relevant stakeholders. 

Team: Nicoletta, Cino, Bartolomeo, Francesco and Irina 


Žilinská univerzita v Žiline, Slovakia 

University of Žilina as an institution providing education for young people specialising mostly in transport fields has the extraordinary ability to generate awareness regarding all aspects of sustainable mobility in communities. To be successful, university had to adopt first sustainable concept within its own campus. In recent decade several measures have begun encouraging usage of active modes of transportation including bike and e-scooter sharing among students and employees as well. To support more sustainable mobility choices charging for on campus parking was introduced together with the new bus line crossing the campus. UNIZA is also a partner in many international scientific and educational projects focused on sustainable mobility. Their role in YOUMOBIL project is to provide scientific support for all partners and to explore how youth initiatives can revitalise disused rail infrastructure to enhance the attractiveness and image of public transport in rural areas. 

Team: Marián, Soňa, Jana and Dana 


HŽ Putnički prijevoz d.o.o., Croatia 

HŽ Passenger Transport LLC has a small team with wide experience in railway industry, including operations, sales and finances. The majority of company’s operations is focused on the profitable urban regions, but as a State subsidized operator, the company wants to explore new youth mobility solutions in rural areas as well. This is being done by dialogue with young people, new night-train service and involving youth in revitalization of an old electromotor train. 

Team: Helena, Renato, Zrinka 


Województwo Mazowieckie, Poland 

MAZOVIA team deals with planning, organization and financing of public collective rail transport in Mazovia. The Mazowieckie Voivodeship, by ordering transport services with Mazowieckie Railway and the Warsaw Commuter Railway, provides access to means of transport for the inhabitants of this region. 

They started their adventure with European projects by participating in the RUMOBIL project, where, as part of a pilot program, they made available mobile app „tropKM” that enables travel planning. Today, as part of the YOUMOBIL project, they want to encourage young people to use public transport. They’re working on preparing a loyalty program for passengers of Mazowieckie Railway trains, which will reward the purchase of monthly tickets. The project is aimed at young people under 26 years of age. 

Team: Magdalena, Agnieszka, Magda, Małgorzata, Dominik 


KORDIS JMK, Czech Republic 

KORDIS JMK is a publicly owned company - organizer of public transport in the South Moravian Region with population of more than 1 million. They are responsible for network and timetables planning, tariff setting and marketing of public transport in the whole region and cooperation with city public transport in its capital - Brno. They like the YOUMOBIL project since it deals foremost with young people and brings new creative ideas. They consider focusing on young people very relevant. It is important to show them public transport is not a service for elderly and disabled people only and it could be a relevant, sustainable and comfortable transportation mode for the future. 

Team: Jana, Vojtěch, Květoslav 


Agenzia per la mobilità e il trasporto pubblico locale di Modena S.p.A, Italy 

The fabulous three - Daniele (IT manager), Antonio (manager of transport planning) and Andrea (CEO of the agency) – are a part of a 14-people team constituing aMo - the Agency for Mobility and Public Transport of the Province of Modena. 

Their mission is planning and controlling local public transport, supporting local authorities on sustainable mobility (e.g. SUMP), promoting competition in the local transport through tendering services. 

They took part in the RUMOBIL project and are happy and proud to be part of consortium in YOUMOBIL. 

Team: Daniele, Antonio, Andrea 


Mesto Brezno, Slovakia 

Every member of Brezno team is diverse. Everyone is unique and has experience and knowledge. They all communicate well with each other, sharing their thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Their goals are wide experience in civil engineering, architecture and good leadership. Team works well together in cooperation with Youth parliament people - organizing meetings and events which support tourism in the region. Their main goal is to make public transport in Brezno more attractive and revitalize disused rail station. This will encourage young people from rural areas to start travelling and get better access to the European and national transport networks. 

Team: Dominika, Ondrej, Milada