Mentoring service for newly diagnosed celiac disease patients

Municipality of Maribor – LP - MOM

The main aim is to support newly diagnosed patients in the first year after getting the diagnose. 

Pilot activity »Mentoring service for newly diagnosed patients« is being developed by the lead partner Municipality of Maribor, in the cooperation with Slovenian Celiac Disease Society and Slovenian partners. The main aim is to support newly diagnosed patients in the first year after getting the diagnose. First steps will not be easy. Patients are faced with information overload, but a coeliac diagnosis isn’t the worst thing although it can feel like the end of your world.

We are developed and implemented a new social service »Mentoring newly diagnosed patients«, which is now in the testing phase. Experienced celiac disease patients are helping/mentoring newly diagnosed patients to better cope with the disease when doing the first steps into new life with chronic disease. They are faced with new circumstances, have to change their way of life, their eating habits, their social life is going to change and much more.

Experienced patients will give new patients information about coeliac disease, guidance about how to live your life gluten-free, how to change their lifestyle, where to find necessary information and answers to your questions about gluten free diet, about eating out, cooking and travelling gluten-free. They will meet, communicate per phone or e-mail, finding the individual ways to help the patient.

The main aim of our pilot activity is to develop a sustainable service, which will be further develop and offered as a new social service to newly diagnosed patient by celiac societies. The second goal is to transfer this service with specific modifications to other chronic diseases.

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