Mid-Term Videos Released

Author: Lola Pusztai, Mindspace

In these videos, partners summarize their activities since the kick-off of the NewPilgrimAge project. 

Győrffy Ágnes from Szombathely said that they learned a lot from the NPA project. For example, how to be a member of an international project or how to involve the local community. In the past 18 months, they managed to create a local support group where they gathered ideas on how to continue to preserve St. Martins heritage since his 2016 memorial year. Their goal is that tourist would come to visit Szombathely to experience some cultural heritage connected to St. Martin. 


Uroš Vidovič from Maribor mentioned in the video that they reached a lot of their goals since the NewPilgrimAge started. They teamed up with various of age groups and made interesting workshops. These workshops were different city tours, along St. Martins path and through the city of Maribor. 


Simone Giotto from Unpli talked about how they are enthusiastic with this project because the locals are very responsive. They also started to see the result of the invested work. Since the kick-off they collected lots of innovative ideas. 


Albenga, where the mid-term event was hosted Davide Geddo was interviewed. He said this is the first time for Albenga to be involved in an international project. The NPA is a good experience for multiple reasons. First of all they learned how to work together with other communities. He hopes that Albenga will get some more attention in the European context. 


Nenad Panian, Mayor of Dugo Selo awarded the creators of best ideas about Saint Martin’s heritage within a public competition.  One of the winning ideas was a viral exhibition where the pictures are arranged for a virtual walk, published on city’s website. The mayor at the end of the video drew attention to one of St. Martins spiritual heritage: sharing with those who are in the need have to continue. 


More visual footage available on our youtube channel.