Ministry of Public Administration

The Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts in Slovenia (Ministry) has its seat in Ljubljana, the main capital of this country. Legal representative of this authority is Boris Koprivnikar. Ministry among others performs tasks in the fields of public procurement in Public Procurement Directorate (PPD). The Director- General of PPD is Sašo Matas. PPD in Ministry is responsible for drafting public procurement legislation and to harmonize national law with EU public procurement law, carrying out centralized governmental procurement for the cases of public  procurement and joint public procurement based on other law or interests of contracting authorities and for developing e-public procurement.  

Experiences in PPI 

PPD has full public procurement process experience such as identifying objects of purchase for centralized procurement, market research of the purchasing objects, preparation (defining) the content (specification) of the subject of purchase, collecting and merging needs for goods and services of joint procurement, forming procurements in lots, experience in preparing innovative methods of procurement procedures and experienced in monitoring and supervising implementation of the contracts. Ministry has also good access to all contracting authorities in Slovenian public sector on all levels (state administration, local self-government, public funds, public agencies, public).

 Partner role in project

PPD role in the project is to link its knowledge and expertise in public procurement and its experience and good practice from joint public procurement to the project. PPD will participate in thematic WP2 with the ICT TN in order to establish the Competence center in Slovenia. Main role of PPD is in thematic WP3 to realize the pilot on national government level. PPD will also share all progress and experiences with other partners who are going to do a transnational monitoring and evaluation of our pilot project. PPD is going to organize the study visit, which will provide the evaluators a clear picture of the pilot project’s state of art.

Ministry of Pulic Administration