The CWC Budapest Team invited the teachers and parents of Hétszínvirág Kindergarten for consultation about the concept plans of the planned developments. This is the place where the pilot action - rainwater harvest and greywater use - will be implemented.

Hétszínvirág Kindergarten

The aim of the public conversation was to present the plans in an early and flexible phase and getting feedback and recommendations from the most relevant stakeholders, the users of the building and the yard.


Although the final implementation depends from several conditions like budget, permissions of specific authorities, physical barriers, underground infrastructure etc., the common understanding of the principles and aims of the pilot action is crucial for the smooth project management.

The concept plan was presented and discussed with the following elements:

  • Extensive green roof: helps the water retention, low maintenance needs, balancing the thermal fluctuation of the building
  • Pervious pavements on the yard: decreasing dust and mud, better water retention
  • Lifted plant beds: water retention, good appearance and place for learning activities
  • Water collection pool
  • Edutainment elements with water
  • Grey water toiler
  • Gren wall plants next to the fence: better air quality, less noise 
  • Bike store places

The highlighted conclusions of the conversation were:

  • The playing area in the yard is limited, the new functions and elements shouldn’t take away space from the playground.
  • Partial renovation of the building is in progress and other works are expected in the future. The CWC elements must be aligned with other works and ensure the space and possibility for future retrofits e.g. thermal insulation, renewable energy investments.

The presentation of the concepts is available here