NewPilgrimAge at Mojstrana conference

Author: Jasna Fakin Bajec,  ZRC SAZU

ZRC SAZU, Slovene Ethnological Association, Croatian Ethnological Association, Slovene Ethnographic Museum and Slovenian Alpine Museum organised the international conference titled Intangible cultural heritage between practice and register on 24-26 May 2018 in Mojstrana (Slovenia). The conference aimed to trigger reflections among experts, scientists and decision-makers, who work on intangible cultural heritage, its ways of safeguarding, raise-awareness and transmission activities, practitioners and its inscription into national or world Unesco’s lists. The event was part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage and its honorary sponsor was Slovenian National Commission for Unesco.  

Mojstrana Conference

Jasna Fakin Bajec, member of ZRC SAZU team, actively participated in the conference and presented the paper named Ways of transmission, interpretation and utilization of intangible cultural heritage among young people. She talked about activities in NPA projects, ZRC SAZU’s tasks as well as some results of recently realized study, where she analysed how young people understand ICH, how they will safeguard and present it and if they know St. Martin’s heritage and his social values. The research was carried out among students from gymnasium aged at 17 years old. Some findings will be presented in the Scientific article titled “How to use youth creativity to better understand, interpret and utilise Saint Martin’s heritage and his values of sharing and hospitality” which will be published in the Scientific review. After the presentation the audiences commented that the raise awareness activities should start in families and if parents do not have positive attitude towards heritage also their children will not appreciate it. However, since then students connect heritage only with tourism and they do not see its potentials in creative industry, marketing or design, professors from secondary schools should put more efforts to introduce heritage activities in different school themes and activities, which will show possible approaches how can be heritage interpret in innovative and creative ways.