NewPilgrimAge at Nova Gorica press conference

Author: Jasna Fakin Bajec, ZRC SAZU

On 17 January 2018 the Research station ZRC SAZU in Nova Gorica (where ZRC SAZU’s
project manager Jasna Fakin Bajec is based) organised a press conference and presented to
local media and wider public in the Goriška region research activities in 2017 (e.g. scientific
review Izvestje 14/2017 and EU projects).

Nova Gorcia press conference

Jasna Fakin Bajec presented the NPA projects, it main aims as well as a paper published in Izvestje 14, where she published an article named Via Santi Martini in Goriška and Kras region. The article presents the life of St. Martin,
challenges of the project NPA, some findings from the first Transnational exchange meeting
and how to arrange the Via Sancti Martini in the west part of Slovenia (Goriška and Kras
region). The big challenge is namely that the Via Sancti Martini is well organised and
designed in the east part of Slovenia, while in the west part people do not know a lot about it.
Dissemination work in NPA project can help in raise-awareness and knowledge activities that
also people from the Goriška region can start to safeguard and sustainable utilize St. Martin’s
heritage and its solidary values. After the event two media mentioned the NPA project. The
RTV Slovenia in the evening news ( Http://
(from 6.38 to 8.32 min) and in local newspaper Primorske novice (offline and online, 17.
January 2018,