Night trains in Croatia

Pilot activities started to take shape, first one beginning in Croatia – night trains as a railway service tailor made for young people and their needs.

In order to improve public transport for young people living in rural areas near Zagreb, the capital, HŽ Passenger Transport LLC, public railway transport operator from Croatia, introduced night trains into operation. This idea was initiated by the suggestions of young people from Dugo Selo. To improve and enhance the mobility, night trains started operating on line Zagreb Main Station – Dugo Selo – Ivanić-Grad – Dugo Selo – Zagreb Main Station. Their intended purpose is to facilitate mobility of young people that are returning late evening from Zagreb to Dugo Selo (from work, cultural events, social gatherings) or vice versa. The main idea is not only to stop emigrations of young people from rural areas and enable daily migrations suited to their needs, but also to attract them to use the public railway transport as a more sustainable mode of transport.

Night trains will operate for a whole year, from 11/07/2020 to 11/07/2021, on weekends, with timetable as follows: Zagreb Main Station (0.30) – Dugo Selo (0.56) – Ivanić-Grad (1.17-1.31) – Dugo Selo (1.53) – Zagreb Main Station (2.19).

The price for a one-way ticket on line Zagreb – Dugo Selo is 14,30 HRK (1,90 EUR) and on line Zagreb – Ivanić-Grad 27,10 HRK (3,60 EUR).

To promote the pilot, promotional activities took place in Zagreb Main Station and Dugo Selo, when young people were given flyers with the night train info, together with a modest something to remind them how the train was co-financed.