Study Trip in Nyíregyháza and Nagykálló (Hungary)

Five representatives of the Regional Authority of the Vysočina Region visited Nyíregyháza, Nagykálló in September 2018. Representatives of the Nagykálló city and the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County gave a detailed presentation about their pilot project, which aims at refurbishment of selected bus stops along the route Nyíregyháza - Nagykálló and their equipment with electronic information system for passengers, providing real-time information about bus arrivals (Real Time Bus Schedule). Local government actively strives to increase quality of public space, improve the condition of bus stops and enhance information services for public transport passengers, with a view to encourage more people to use bus services and reduce individual motorised transport. In this respect, modern and more passenger-friendly bus stops are regarded as a key element to make public transport more attractive.

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