Opening of Social Innovation Lab at the SiM Festival in Maribor City

2nd Festival of Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship took place on September 20th, at the premises of Tkalka Maribor with the presentation of the Social Innovation Lab for Youth – »Fejs (t) Spejs«.

At the Social Innovation Festival, we celebrated the opening of the Social Innovation Lab, which was created as part of the New Generation Skills project of City of Maribor and Foundation Prizma and presented the Academy of Social Innovation.

The purpose of the Social Innovation Lab is to offer young people a place where they will connect and jointly create in the field of social innovation. In this lab they will gain entrepreneurial knowledge and competences: recognize the needs of the environment, develop ideas and design innovative products. Young people will associate with mentors from socially responsible companies, who will participate in the process of training and development of new ideas, which includes several modern approaches, such as design-thinking, gamification, peer-learning, etc.

The main purpose of this project is in its core the same as Social(i) Makers. Although SiM is not devoted only to the younger population, the project programme of New Generation Skills can be substantially supplemented with the offer of online education within Social Innovation Academy and SiM Onsite - trainings, which were more detailed presented by Viljenka Godina at the Sim Festival.

Also, the experience of the first onsite training for Module 1 – Active Citizenship was presented to the participants. Jointly we announced the second onsite - training and invited participants to Maribor on 10.10.2018 on the topic of Social Business.