Pilot actions in Austria

The MaC Village world and its results are waiting for imitators. The following are products, services and regional development approaches that have emerged from MaC Village in Austria. 

Living Lexicon Burgenland

The project Living Lexicon Burgenland is a project that aims to make the diversity of languages in the Burgenland region visible. Due to its history, Burgenland has four other languages in addition to the official language German, some of which are still spoken by the older generation. These are the languages: Croatian, Hungarian, Romansh and Hianzic. In total, there are 34 multilingual communities in Burgenland. Since the linguistic diversity of Burgenland is increasingly being forgotten, the Living Lexicon Project is concerned with making the languages in the villages visible. To this end, signs or buttons are to be placed at prominent places in the villages in order to bring the diversity of languages into people's daily lives. Close cooperation and coordination with the communities is required.

Liszt-Art Raiding

The Liszt-Art Project developed over the process of many online workshops. In the starting workshop the idea of a Liszt App was born, which finally turned into the Liszt Art project. Raiding is home to the birthplace of composer and musician Franz Liszt, which is why the artist's birthplace offers a wide range of cultural activities. A recognizable negative trend is that these events increasingly address older generations. In order to dust off the image of Franz Liszt and appeal to younger age groups, the Liszt Art project was developed. Liszt -Art is a project for young artists from Austria and Hungary in the field of visual arts, held in the form of a competition. A cooperation with schools in Austria and Hungary is aspired.

Border - LAND - Market in Schattendorf

The idea for the project "Grenz-LAND-Markt" was already born in the star workshop 2020. The project team consists mainly of members from the agricultural sector. The basic precondition for a cross-border food market
is that the municipality of Schattendorf is located directly on the border to Hungary. A monthly market consisting of Austrian and Hungarian suppliers of regional food brings European interaction to the front. The project leaders entered a close cooperation with the village of Schattendorf. The municipality takes care of the necessary promotion and organization of the event. On September 11 2021, the first market already took place.

Together along the cycle path

On a cycle path that connects the Bucklige Welt with the Mittelburgenland, we want to promote the cooperation of inhabitants of the cycle path with users of the cycle path by making locals and guests (=cycle path users) more aware of the regional producers, businesses and suppliers (=cycle path residents). For this purpose, the communities along the cycle path must be involved. A cross-regional Leader project on this topic is currently being developed.