Pilot actions in Germany

The MaC Village world and its results are waiting for imitators. The following are products, services and regional development approaches that have emerged from MaC Village in Germany

Fläming Event-Gastronomy

The project team was formed at the first workshop in September 2020 and expanded later. The project "Fläming Event Gastronomy" has its origins in the cooperation idea of the operator of the "Backschwein-Tenne" in Gömnigk and a manual therapist who organises climbing courses for families and companies in the DAV climbing hall in Wiesenburg/Mark. In the followup workshops, the project idea was further developed: regional producers, restaurateurs and caterers jointly offer a wider range of regional products (cold and hot, from vegan via exotic finger food to home cooking). Village communities, traders, companies and event organisers benefit as clients from the greater variety of these offers for their own visitors/customers. They gladly accept the individualised offers and of course pay for it. The result is a win-win-win situation. The core team of three producers/caterers has already supplied a Mac Village event as a pilot.

Fläminger Weideschwein

Project manager Anja Koch with her company "Fläminger Weideschwein" is part of the project "Fläming Event Gastronomy". Two years ago, she took over the free-range pig farm from farmer Bernd Schulz. Her passion is raising about 100 pasture-raised pigs in year-round free-range conditions. The animals are fed regionally produced organic feed only, no concentrated feed. Anja Koch is aware of the increasing number of her customers who attach great importance to such species-appropriate husbandry. Customers can visit her animals in the pasture, and Ms Koch is happy to answer their questions. The market share of such demanding consumers for pork products in Germany is currently 3%. It is continuously on the rise. The organic meat is sold both to the operator of the "Backschwein-Tenne" and to regional and national customers of Ms Koch's farm shop. The cooperation described here, with its expansion within the framework of the "Fläming Event Gastronomy" project with the aim of short distances between producers, processors and consumers, is an excellent example of regional circular economy.

Wild herbs Events and Team building

As a alternative practitioner and herbal expert with many years of experience in the teambuilding industry, Stefanie Görisch started her own business offering alternative and creative team events after completing her studies in health tourism. She offers herbal walks & workshops in the field of herbal medicine, edible wild plants and nature connection. With her MaC Village pitch under the project title "Wild Herb Events and Teambuilding" she would like to motivate local companies and associations, individuals and groups to book their company outings, incentives and team events. Through MaC Village, Stefanie was encouraged in her venture. There she sharpened her business model and made important contacts. She enriches her events with games and exercises that promote mutual trust, connection to oneself, connection to nature and a sense of community.

Innovative energy consulting for shaping the energy transition

The idea for the project "Innovative energy consulting for shaping the energy transition" was presented and discussed by Harald Lacher in the MaC Village Workshops. A push for the implementation of his project came in the Consolidation Workshop as well as in the trainings through the joint work on his pitch. In January 2021, Harald Lacher went into self-employment after many years of professional experience in the Bad Belzig municipal utilities and the consumer advice centre for private energy consulting. As an independent energy consultant and advisory energy service provider, he pursues the goal of supporting homeowners, municipal administrations and companies in the selection and planning of a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply. In addition to new technology, the energy transition requires a new understanding in order to realise new solutions together, he says. And: he loves to grow with each task and to integrate new experiences into old knowledge.