Pilot actions in Slovenia

The MaC Village world and its results are waiting for imitators. The following are products, services and regional development approaches that have emerged from MaC Village in Slovenia. 

Fairy Tale Park Jezersko

Park Jezersko Ltd (Recreational tourist centre) and Jezersko Tourist Board, both owners and managers of the Fairy Tale Park, are taking a key role in the networking of CCIs operating in the area. Key partners are also: Ms. Irena Cerar, a storyteller, author of four guides for families called "Fairy Trails of Slovenia" and a Certified Interpretive Guide (CIG) from Interpret Europe; Ms. Špela Kuhar, an independent architect in architectural planning, education and journalism, recipient of several Piranesi International Awards and Plečnik Medals, the Golden Pencil 2015 Award and Wooden Icon 2016 Award;

 Šenk’s homestead, a tourist farm with authentic Alpine architecture, offering tourist accommodation, typical dishes from Jezersko and different sports tourism products and services. Business partnership for adaptation of stories, landscape planning and artistic design of sculptures and equipment is composed of Jezersko CCIs and experts from other regions: storytellers and interpretation guides, architects and designers, academic sculptors, masters of preserving cultural heritage. Product will offer an experience of folk tales in nature to the youngest and their families through storytelling, playing and skills challenges in nature. This will awaken their imagination and creativity, meet them up with the spiritual world of our ancestors, teach them how to explore, understand and respect nature, and remind them of values such as kindness, honesty, trust and helping others.

Back to history “Escape room - search for a conspiracy letter”

The main challenge of the pilot action was to develop innovative and appealing product for tourists.

The project idea creators are traditional entrepreneurs and are organized as self-employed entrepreneurs, institute and as farm:
  • Local tourist guides, travel agency – they will have new innovative tourist product and has initiated the idea
  • Local bakery – offer homemade cakes
  • Local develop institute – developing and managing the escape room
  • Local eco farms – offering local gastronomy, local products, vines

The pilot was developed based on real historical events in the area, which are little known. The owner of the Rače castle in the 17th century was count Ivan Erazem Tattenbach. He was involved into the conspiracy story against emperor Leopold I of Hapsburg together with two Croatian nobles Ban Zrinski and count Frankopan. Their conspiracy story ended tragically. The conspiracy was reviled, and they were beheaded. Visitors of the escape room have to find the conspiracy letter of the plot. The tourism sector plays an important part in local economy because in Covid-19 lockdown the sector was affected severely. The escape room is an innovative product based on the local history and cultural resources. It strengthens and diversifies the local economy, involves entrepreneurship and employment, expands tourism offer and provides a unique experience in line with creative tourism.   

Themed guest rooms, culinary delicacies and rural agricultural hub (with degustation room) of the Danica Inn & Guest House

Tourism Bohinj – Public institute for the promotion of tourism development and Bohinj Tourist Association, owner and manager of the Danica Inn & Guest House, are taking a key role in the networking of CCIs operating in the area.

Business partnership for architectural design (incl. visualisations), stories, renovation and construction work on exterior and interior is composed of Bohinj’s CCIs: architects, heritage interpreter, ethnologist, copywriters, photographers, graphic designers, craftsmen and LIP Furniture Bohinj Ltd, as a designer and manufacturer of wooden furniture and equipment from local tree types. Experts from other regions provided seating furniture, sanitary ceramics and accessories, interior design fabrics. Local farmers (crops) and food processing companies (food products) obtaining the Bohinjsko / From Bohinj certified business partnership around the menu. Complementary tourist offer and integral tourism products are managed in cooperation with certain farms, incoming tour operators, sport agencies, higher educational and research institutions and with Tourism Bohinj. Product offers an authentic nature, culinary and traditional skills experience to tourists and visitors. In addition, they will be encouraged to take part in carving, cooking lessons using ancient recipes, crafts, farm chores and harvesting wild herbs.

Modernization of the farmers market; all local – all domestic

The pilot is developed based on existing farmers’ market activities. It is held regularly every Saturday morning in the courtyard of Rače Castle from 8 am to 11 am in the summer or from 9 a.m. to noon in the winter.  The following entrepreneurs are involved in the creation and implementation:

  • Local farmers that offer their products to the customers. Their offer includes different mostly ecological fruit and vegetables, meat products, milk products, honey products, vegetable seedlings, etc. 
  • Municipality Rače-Fram has organized stalls and give space available for the market.

Pumpkin oil – green gold to every table

The pilot is developed on the popularity of the pumpkin seeds oil and old tradition – technical heritage. The old machines still operate, and company intend to turn them into a museum in the future. The following actors are involved in the creation and implementation of pilot idea:
  • Fram oil factory
  • Local community
  • Farmers in Podravje and Pomurje region – factory buys seeds from them

Short food supply chain (a new business model) with a common brand for local agricultural products and a rural agricultural hub (with degustation room)

Local smallholder family farms (incl. goat, sheep and pig breeders), herbalists, beekeepers, food processing companies and providers of tourist accommodation are connecting themselves with Tourism Preddvor - Public institute for the promotion of tourism development and the Municipality of Preddvor. Product will offer an authentic culinary experience to tourists and visitors. In addition, they will be encouraged to take part in cooking lessons using ancient recipes, farm chores and harvesting wild herbs.