Workshop on Post-processing in Additive Manufacturing at KIT

Join us for the PAM2 Additive Manufacturing (AM) workshop at KIT. On Monday, 12th November 2018, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) will host the 5th PAM2workshop on post-processing in Additive Manufacturing in Karlsruhe, Germany. The H2020 project PAM2 - Precision Additive Metal Manufacturing is an Innovative Training Network (ITN) aiming on drastically improving the precision of metal AM processes by tackling the three principles of robustness, predictability and metrology, and by developing CAE methods that empower rather than limit AM design. Within the workshop, the participants can learn about laser-induced modification, laser welding, post-processing of AM and about many other related topics. The workshop is free of cost.

You can find the detailed program and information for registration under the following link: