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Mihael Brencic

phone number: 0038 612445414
Aškerčeva cesta 12, SI-1000 Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana (UL) is a public autonomous educational, scientific research and artistic institution of higher education with 23 faculties and 3 academies. It is the largest educational institution in the country, and presents the largest research potential in Slovenia. In the boDEREC-CE project Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering (NTF) is involved. At NTF the researchers have experiences in water resources (WR) research; management and protection of WR, providing quality and quantity status of WR (especially drinking WR) in terms of natural (climate) and anthropogenic (land use) changes etc. Members of the project team are cooperating with other national and international faculties and research institutions, as well as with authorities dealing with water resources protection.

As a project partner, UL will be actively involved in all activities of the boDEREC-CE project. UL is leading thematic work package WP T1 which is focusing on the present understanding of the emerging contaminants in the water environment. Based on extensive knowledge in the field of water management and experiences on national and EU projects, UL will contribute to the achievement of the project goals. UL experts will be actively involved in the review and discussions of existing strategies and management plans and in the preparation of documents and guides regarding the emerging contaminants in the water resources - WR. UL, as primarily educational institution, will have also a role in the transfer of knowledge, capitalisation and dissemination of results to students, experts and public. The main focus is rising of awareness and participatory dialogue with stakeholder through organized local, regional and national workshops.