PPI Policy Roundtables in Poland

On the 30th of January 2019 the Policy Round Tables was organized by the Rzeszow Regional Development Agency in Poland.

The purpose of the meeting was to popularize and develop knowledge in the field of PPI and to engage the development process of regional action plan created for the PPI Competence Center, which is to be established at Rzeszow Regional Development Agency.

During the meeting, the PPI2Innovate project and SMART PPI2Innovate Tools were presented. Subsequently a regional action plan of PPI Competence Center was presented. Invited guests were asked to submit suggestions and comments regarding the Competence Center action plan based on their experience and knowledge, previously acquired during the public procurement proceedings while conducting innovative products and services (PPI) procedures.

The PPI Competence Center will be established to support public procurers responsible for public procurement tenders, through the development of knowledge and exchange of experience in the field of public procurement for innovative solutions (PPI), presentation of good practices and the possibility of using the SMART PPI Tools developed for the health care, information and communication technologies and energy sectors.

The main objectives of the Competence Centre for PPI will be:

  • improve knowledge of employees of public procures in PPI;
  • support them in the usage of PPI, particularly SMART PPI Tools for Health, ICT and Energy;
  • influence attitude and positive change behavior of public procurer in order to boost PPI usage in Central Europe;
  • strengthen linkages among procurers, research institutions or other relevant actors from innovation systems.
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