PPI Smart Health Pilot in Somogy county (HU)

The overall goal of the pilot is procuring a combination of innovative ICT and medical devices as well as a tailor-made software  for monitoring and healing patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. 

The background is given by the fact that a leading death cause in Hungary is cardiovascular diseases accelerated by the 2nd type of diabetes as the main risk factor. The prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases needs complex risk factor specification and treatment with the involvement of several different medical specialization.  

In the concept , Somogy county plan to establish a new, patient focused system in county hospital’s general medicine department. The patients will not have to go from one doctor to another with their problems, instead of this, they will be examined by a specialist team, doctors creates real-time diagnoses, and treatment decisions along the common treatment protocol.  

This holistic attitude is widely accepted but still not practically used in the Hungarian Health System. As it is not available on a specialists level,  PPI offers a valuable opportunity to develop this solution for the introduction and transferring to national health system. 

As a result of the Hungarian PPI pilot, we are convinced to support shorten patient pathways, increase the role and efficiency of prevention as well as cost-efficient patient monitoring. 

PPI Smart Health pilot HU