Regional trainings 2018: Slovenia

ICT Technology Network Institute (ICT TN) and Ministry of Public Administration of republic of Slovenia (MAP) jointly organized the PPI2Innovate regional training for public procurers on 23rd May 2018 at Hiša EU in Ljubljana from 9.30 until 13.00. One joint PPI2Innovate regional training for public procurers was organized for all three thematic tools: SMART health, SMART energy and SMART ICT.

Majda Potokar from ICT TN  made short introduction to the PPI2Innovate training for public procurers. She introduced the agenda and the PPI2Innovate project including presentation of key results-outputs of the PPI2Innovate project. She informed public procurers about three nationally customized PPI2Innovate tools for SMART health, SMART energy and SMART ICT in Slovene that are available and accessible on the PPI2Innovate project website. Public procurers were encouraged to use those tools for the purpose of support at the preparation of their PPI in SMART health, SMART energy and SMART ICT.

During the training, Majda from ICT TN showed some practical examples and good practices of PPI that were implemented in Central Europe (smart benches in Prague, Czech Republic) and also in other parts of EU that are recognized to be technologically more advanced regions and therefore public procurers also recognize more needs in PPI (HEALTH:HAPPI & LCB project, ICT: card Urbana, ENERGY: Kavalir) .

Sabina Kuzman from MPA presented the practical example of MPA Pilot (PPI in SMART ICT) that has been in the process of implementation within PPI2Innovate project. The practical usage of the nationally customized PPI2Innovate tool for SMART ICT was introduced following the practical model of main steps in PPI with emphasize on lessons learned concerning implemented steps in MPA Pilot.

Last part of the training was moderated by Majda Potokar (ICT TN) and it was dedicated to the interactive discussion/workshop connected with the process of mapping of needs/innovative solutions/ PPI projects of public procurers within the field of SMART health, energy and ICT 

The event was concluded with an informal networking and exchanging ideas.