25 stakeholders give inputs for Piemonte's regional energy strategy

The main regional energy stakeholders were present on February the 13th at the meeting organized by the lead partner Piemonte Region with the support of the Polytechnic of Torino. The purpose of the meeting was to collect as many inputs as possible for the drafting of the Action Plan, to be shortly drafted as main output of PROSPECT2030 project.

About 25 stakeholders, belonging to several target groups (local public authorities,  sectoral agencies, infrastructure and public service providers, ESCo enterprises, interest groups, business support organizations and research institutions), provided useful technical inputs, proposals and suggestions to develop in the most effective way the regional energy strategy.  The main topics discussed during the meeting were related to Energy Efficiency, Grid Systems, Renewable Energies and Green Economy, and were categorized as financial, regulatory or promotion initiative.

The outcomes of the debate were mainly focused on: the role of Piemonte Region as territorial coordinator, providing financial and technical support to public and private sector or as promoter of a reduced administrative burden during the authorizations’ procedures. During the discussion, solar installations, district heating, biogas, biomass, smart grids, hydrogen and small heat pumps have been highlighted as the technologies to be boosted. Finally, the promotion of buildings’ energy efficiency and, above all, the need to communicate to the general public the importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources have been remarked as main fields of action. The meeting has been a fruitful opportunity to strengthen the dialogue with the stakeholders; their inputs will be analyzed and taken into account for the implementation of regional activities.