Low-carbon investment funding: Saxony-Anhalt

Land Saxony-Anhalt

Federal State Saxony-Anhalt supports investments for adapting the energy transition

The Federal State Saxony-Anhalt especially focuses on supporting its biggest energy consuming sector, the mechanical chemical industry, as well as other important sectors like:
  • energy
  • transport
  • buildings
  • industry / economy
  • agriculture / land use / forestry / nutrition

In order to enhance energy supply by photovoltaic plants, Saxony-Anhalt offers grants for electricity storage systems. Prerequisite is the combination with the installation of a new photovoltaic plant or power increase of an existing one, which itself are not funded. Up to 30% of the eligible expanses (max. € 5000) are granted, by adding a charging point for electric vehicles a one-off bonus of up to € 1000 is possible. Private persons, companies and participants of the tenant electricity model are allowed to apply for this funding. Tenant electricity in Germany means that the electricity generated with the photovoltaics system installed on your roof/building is fed into the residential property’s own network and only the surplus is fed into the public grid.

Measures addressing SMEs 

In regard to small and medium sized enterprises in the Federal State Saxony-Anhalt, the main measures are:

  • to enable a sustainable development of energy supply, especially in the interest of climate and environmental protection
  • to reduce the economic costs of energy supply, also by taking account of long-term external effects
  • to conserve fossil energy resources
  • to promote the further development of technologies for the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources

Measures addressing public authorities

Saxony-Anhalt focuses on using the ERDF funding for the following 6 targets in relation with the  Europe-2020 targets:

  • strengthening research, technological development and innovation
  • promotion of attempts to reduce CO2 emissions in all sectors of the economy
  • preserving and protecting the environment and promoting resource efficiency
  • promoting adaptation to climate change and risk prevention and management
  • territorial dimension for the development of endogenous potentials
  • technical assistance

Cooperation with private stakeholders

Beside national funding schemes, private stakeholders cooperate with national authorities in order to support the adaptation of energy revolution on municipal level. Private stakeholders also fund many energy-saving projects for private households.

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