Peer-to-peer learning sessions


We're sharing experiences and transfering knowledge! This page is dedicated to the peer to peer learning activities among project partners with similar characteristics that we're organising in order to deepen mechanism an technicalities. Apart from the internal consortium knowldege, best practices or interesting cases will be selected in Central Europe and elsewhere, whenever useful, in order to bring external experience and increase the level of innovation in the project consortium.

SCHEDULE (newest first):

  • October 14 | 14:00-15:00

    "Develop synergies with other financing instruments at European and national level"
    RenoHUB project: background, business model, cooperation types with financial institutions by Károly Oelberg (AACM)

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  • July 6 | 09:00-10:30

    "Electrification of the transport sector"

    9:00 – 9:10  Welcome and introduction by Żaneta Latarowska (MAE)
    9:10 – 9:30  E-mobility Service Operation by Dr Stephan Balischewski (IFF)
    9:30 – 9:50  Electrification of the transport sector in Split Dalmatia by Mr. Martin Bućan (Split-Dalmatia County)
    9:50 – 10:10  Noemix project by ing. Sebastiano Cacciaguerra (Regione FVG)
    10:10 – 10:30  Q&A and discussion | Moderator Żaneta Latarowska (MAE)

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  • June 21 | 10:00-12:00

    "Integrate different instruments in the energy planning policy-spatial, climate, air quality transportation etc" and "Organization and systematization of the regional energy data"

    10:00 – 10:05     Introduction of participants by Dr.P. Lombardi, University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal
    10:05 – 10:25     Multi Criteria planning tool for industrial sites by A. Höpfner, Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF, Magdeburg
    10:25 – 10:45     Regional Data collection/systematization methodology by R. Budim, Energy Institute Hrvoje Pozar, Croatia
    10:45 – 11:05     Inventory of individual heat sources in Mazovia Voivodeship by Z. Latarowska, Mazovia Energy Agency, Poland
    11:05 – 11:25     From Turin Energy Observatory to the Piemont Environmental and Energy Plan: twenty years of lessons learned by G. Cerino Abdin, Politecnico di Torino
    11:25 – 11:55     Round table | Moderator Dr. P. Lombardi

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  • March 26 | 10:00-11:30

    Developing a regional leadership in pooling investment

    10:00 – 10:15     Welcome and Opening (EEE, Manfred Hotwagner)
    10:15 – 10:35     Pooling investments on public buildings (Piemonte, Silvio de Nigris)
    10:35 – 10:55     Innovative turnkey renovation scheme for home energy retrofit (MCSTE, Mr. Örs Szokolay)
    10:55 – 11:15     Q&A / Discussion 

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  • March 4 | 14:30-16:30

    Energy monitoring systems

    • National Energy Management Information System (EMIS) in Croatia - EIHP
    • Regional energy observatory set up: from actual needs to a potential business model - APE FVG
    • Energy datasets for local Authorities in Piemonte - Piemonte Region
    • An example of a virtual power plant in the Wawer district, Warsaw - MAE

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  • January 28th | 13:00-15:00

    Promotion of PV initiatives

    • Ms. Andrea Moser, Eco Energy Land – Public participation PV projects; participation in projects related to topic consulting, organisation, tendering; business models
    • Mr. Andro Bačan, EIHP – the transition from the feed-in tariff system to the premium model
    • Mr. Pio Lombardi, Sachsen Anhalt – Energy community and social acceptance
    • Ms. Żaneta Latarowska, Mazovia – Cyclical promotional and communication activities in municipalitie

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  • January 21st | starting 09:30

    Energy policies and innovative projects in Piemonte (SHREC Interreg Europe project)

      • Morning breakout rooms:

        Hydrogen initiatives in Piemonte | Environment Park
        Energy Communities | Polytechnics of Torino
        Financing schemes using ERDF | Piemonte Region
        Integrated District Heating System in Torino and its potential development | Polytechnics of Torino 

      • Afternoon breakout rooms:

        Organic waste biogas to methane + CHP + DHS | ACEA Pinerolese (TBC)
        Energy Performance Contracts in Piemonte | Piemonte Region and Environment Park
        Renovation of private buildings – Business models | Energy Center 
        Biomass initiatives | Polytechnics of Torino

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  • December 17th | 09:00-11:00

    Development of energy infrastructure: transmission and distribution grids and energy storage

    09:00 – 09:05 introduction (Mr. Matija Vajdić)
    1st session
    09:05 – 09:30 Mr. Goran Majstrović, PhD - Transmission and distribution network challenges with larger scale RES integration, Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar
    09:30 – 10:00 Mr. Tomislav Capuder, PhD - H2020 projects: FLEXIGRID and ATTEST, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing
    10:00 – 10:05 break
    2nd session
    10:05 – 10:30 Mr. Pio Alessandro Lombardi, PhD - Planning and operating Net-Zero Energy Factory, Fraunhofer-Institut
    10:30 – 11:00 Mr. Bartlomiej Arendarski, PhD - Planning Net-Zero Energy Villages by considering technical, economic and social aspects, Magdeburg-Stendal University

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  • December 15th | 13:00-15:00

    1. Financial and technical support to municipalities and SMEs | Local/regional financial initiatives for energy refurbishment of the public and private building stock

    13.00-13.20 Financial and technical support of Mazovia municipalities regarding RES and EE project development/Preparation of regional energy profiles, low-carbon economy plans etc. by Mazovia
    13.20-13.40 Central European overview on innovative financing schemes such as public private partnership (PPP), energy performance contracting (EPC) and crowdfunding (CF), lessons learned from HU, SK and SL pilot investments by Ms. Zsófia Pej, Energiaklub, Climate Policy Institute
    13.40-14.00 Experience of Piemonte in managing ERDF; EPC investment based on aggregation of demand by Piemonte region
    14.00-14.20 The Green Mind project by Mr. Bućan Martin

    2. Energy storage technologies | Development of smart grids coupled with the development of Energy Communities concept

    14.20-14.40 Energy storage technologies for storing renewable energy: technical and economic overview by Sachsen Anhalt
    14.40-15.00 Development of smart grids coupled with the development of Energy Communities concept by Piemonte

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