PROSPECT2030 landed in Denmark

The results of the Regional Energy Action Plan developed by Piemonte Region and Polytechnic of Torino in the framework of the PROSPECT2030 project were presented to Samsø Energy Academy during a workshop online the 20th of October. The results achieved were illustrated by the Polytechnics of Torino in particular with an in-depth analysis of the scenarios at 2030 and 2050 which were developed starting from a set of priorities, specifically identified for the role of the Piemonte Region and designed for the sustainable energy policies.

Piemonte Region, as territorial coordinator of the Covenant of Major, is taking part to a peer learning project developed by the CoM and offering tailored programs to regional and sub-regional authorities. This project gives the possibility to participate in exchanges that aim to increase their capacities to mitigate and adapt to climate change, to develop and implement ambitious long-term strategies as well as address the energy transition. In the framework of this program Piemonte Region was coupled with Samsø Energy Academy, a Danish project-based organization focused on sustainable solutions in the fields of energy, climate change, and sustainable resources.

SAMSO Denmark