PROSPECT2030 policy recommendations' influence on EUSALP future work

PROSPECT2030 project contributes actively to the policy recommendations that Action Group 9 of EUSALP intends to present at the next EUSALP energy conference organized at late January 2022 in Bozen. Piemonte Region and the Energy Agency of Friuli Verzia Giulia are part of the working group established in the Acion Group 9 (AG9) of EUSAL committed in this task. The policy recommendations elaborated by PROSPECT2030 will, thus, concretely influence the overall EUSALP future work. AG9 focuses on the promotion of energy efficiency and the production and use of local renewable energy in the Alpine Region, especially in the public and private sectors. The action aims at supporting a significant reduction of energy consumption in strategic sectors, such as buildings, small and medium enterprises, municipalities, etc. The action also promotes energy management and monitoring systems at different levels. 

In the next year, AG 9 is elaborating together with other Action Groups a Road Map for Green Hydrogen deployment projects in the Alps.  Furthermore, by 2022 an Alpine Energy Observatory will be established, improving and harmonizing energy data collection and monitoring across the Alps. The Action Group is also putting a focus on local RES production, energy communities, microgrids and cross-border smart grids. Policy recommendations from these fields will be published as work progresses.