Regional events schedule


*continuously updated*
Despite Covid-19 restrictions, all partners have been successfull in organizing one midterm regional dissemination event targeted to stakeholders in order to provide information on project objectives and collect feedback. Have a look at what the event focused on:


  • Mazovia | 26.02.20

    Mazovia Energy Agency together with Mazovia Voivodeship Government organized the 3rd edition of the Clean Air Congress on 26/02/2020 in Warsaw. MAE prepared a stand with PROSPECT2030 promotional materials, roll-up, presentations about project goals and activities. The agency promoted the project during the whole event and reached almost 50 stakeholders, and presented the concept for implementing investment support instruments in energy efficiency in Mazovia, such as PROSPECT2030 concept and goal on how to use public funds effectively.

  • Piemonte | 05.03.20

    On the 5th March 2020, Piemonte Region with the support of the Polytechnic of Turin, organized the webinar “Piemonte Energy: 2030 Vision”.  The focus was on the challenges that the regional territory has to face in order to cope with the energy transition and the role that the PROSPECT2030 Project is being called upon to play in this context.
    The audience success, more than 70 participants, shows how much this topic is nowadays relevant for regional stakeholders. Beside the presentation of PROSPECT2030 activities and goals, the presentation of Giulia Pizzini, from the European Commission's Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises (EASME), has been a great opportunity for getting a useful insight about the European policy framework and the new initiatives for planning and financing the energy transition in the next years. In particular, the supporting role of EASME was highlighted.
    Among others, the “EU City Facilities”, a new EU-funded financing tool which will provide financial support and services to cities and municipalities across the EU, was outlined. Moreover, the new Energy and Environmental Plan proposal of Piemonte Region was featured. The engagement of regional stakeholders is more and more proving its usefulness and, hopefully, it will continue with face-to-face initiatives very soon.

  • Saxony-Anhalt | 22.06.20

    The online workshop was led by the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal and the associated partner the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Energy  to disseminate to stakeholders the results reached within the project PROSPECT2030 as well as to provide information on stategies and opportunities to decarbonise the energy systems and enterprises. Among participants there were research institutes (Fraunhofer Institut IFF), the regional agency for supporting SMEs (RKW-Magdeburg), public agencies, universities, and small and large enterprises. The workshop was moderated by our partners from the University.

  • Split and Dalmatia | 07.07.20

    The regional dissemination event was organized as an online event due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization was coordinated by the Croatian Green Building Council and Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar. The event named “Climate change adaptation – necessary transformations of the key systems – energy and mobility“ was held on 7th of June 2020 and it covered various topics regarding the climate change adaptation measures, tools needed for the adaptation measures planning, low-carbon energy planning as the first step towards the improvement of the regional sustainable development and key measures to further improve the sustainability of the transport sector. More than 100 participants joined the event where 10 panellists jointly with 2 moderators covered the key topics regarding low-carbon energy planning. The presentations were followed by the fruitful discussion.

  • Eco EnergyLand | 10.09.20

    EEE held ist local event in a reduced format. Due to different Corona-restrictions, it was not possible to organize a large event and so a meeting with representatives of the Land Government as well as representatives from the research institution of Burgenland was organized. This event had more a workshop character and was very productive and worthful for the ongoing activities and plannings. It was important to have it within this year, as it was important for the ongoing processes.

  • Southern Great Plain | 21.10.20

    Professionals shared their hands-on experience of energy efficiency investments from different perspectives at the first PROSPECT webinar held on 21st of October 2020 in the Southern Great Plain Region. 
    The first presentation was held by Mr. Károly Oelberg, Managing Director of the AACM Central Europe Llc. about the opportunities for regions in the area of for energy efficiency and renewables. 
    The second expert, Mr. Gábor Kiss, Senior Loan Officer at the European Investment Bank gave an overview on EIB’s funding opportunities for climate investments. The presentation title mirrored the main theme of the presentation: “Where will funding for green projects come from?” 
    The last presenter, Mr. Mihály Czabarka, Condominium Renovation Expert at Projectdoctor Ltd. targeted in his presentation the energy efficiency renovations in the condominium segment as municipalities and regions have a key role to play in the energy retrofit of condominiums.  During the presentation two surveys were launched to the participants. The first targeted whose responsibility is the initiation of the condominium renovation and from the results the majority of the audience thought that the homeowners themselves should initiate it. The second question addressed to key barriers of condominium renovations the homeowners are facing. The replies shared almost equally between the following choices: lack of expertise, lack of information, lack of own financial resources, lack of trust, lack of a state grant instruments, lack of green credits.
    The presentations are recorded and are accessible at the following link:

  • Friuli Venezia Giulia | 03.11.20 (split into 3 sessions)

    PROSPECT2030 outputs were presented during the three meetings organized as part of the process of update of the S3 - Smart specialization strategy for Friuli Venezia Giulia. The meetings - involving the working subgroup dedicated to energy -
    gathered together representatived from regional public authorities, higher education and research centres, business support organizations and associations.