Respect your audience!

Four wonderful people welcomed us in Budapest: who are they?
The Communication Unit of programme Interreg Central Europe!

Me and Martina from the PROSPECT2030 team met them at the Communication Seminar organized at Novotel Hotel Danube, facing the famous river that divides Buda from Pest.
Frank Schneider, who led the plenary session of this two-day full immersion in storytelling, gave us a little reminder...
"Every person in Europe can be reached by communication."

Something to keep in mind! However, if you do not respect your audience and do not consider their point of view, you won't be successful.

We had the occasion to join in conversation other fellow communication managers of Interreg CE projects such as 3Lynx, HealingPlaces and CONNECT2CE.
Thank you all very much!

Communication seminar team in Budapest