Paper is still alive! 

Workshops, meetings, conferences, and everything goes online in 2020, and of course, in the pandemic situation we are glad to have the opportunity to keep in contact. Thank you, Internet! But deep in our heart we miss the good old times of personal meetings, live acts and play the game together around the table. 

It seemed that the Covid-19 washes off all the traditional, old school communication elements of the CWC project, like printed posters and board game. Despite of the predominance of online activities, the Zugló team decided not to transform these elements to digital ones. We believe, it was a good decision!

CWC posters in a school in Zugló, Budapest

CWC posters in a school in Zugló, Budapest

We are happy to present something tangible to our partners. All the local nurseries and kindergartens in the district and several schools and local institutions – health and family care centres, libraries, community spaces - received for free and put on the wall the sets of the CWC posters. It means everyday visual impression of circular water management for the pupils and parents, clients, and customers.

Board game will be awarded on a Valyo event

CWC board game will be awarded on a Valyo event

Thanks to our NGO partners especially for Valyo and Jane Goodall Instiute Hungary several board games awarded to families and we hope they will bring some happiness and lot of laughs into the long dark evenings of lockdown.

Jane Goodall Institute

Jane Goodall Institute Hungary helps in dissemination too