Partner workshop in České Budějovice

During the two-day partner workshop in České Budějovice WP leaders gave an overview about project in general as well as each pilot activity. Each pilot action was presented through a poster by the responsible partner(s) highlighting the achievements, the learning and the considerations regarding the pilot approaches' transferability. An overview about the remaining project tasks was made by WP leaders as well as evaluation methodology to assess the pilot project and adapt it to the availability of data from partners. Partners have provided passenger prognosis based on pilot actions which will serve as part of RUMOBIL solutions and are relevant for the expected future public transport challenges of each partner area. During the first day, an overview about previous and further communication activities, including European and national events where RUMOBIL was presented was incorporated and the discussion of the Final Brochure followed.

Second day, the City Mayor of České Budějovice responsible for Transportation gave a presentation about VŠTE ČB, its profile including the Department of Transport and Logistics, influence of RUMOBIL solutions and its current research. Workshop has ended by LP presentation about assessment of the project achievements and result quality which were very positive in all partners regions, the project dissemination is also considered as high quality and beyond RUMOBIL regions.

Next steps are creation of RUMOBIL brochure which will be presented on final conference in April 2019 in Warsaw.