4th PSG Meeting and Mid-Term Review

Partners met in Budapest on 19th and 20th March

On the 19th and 20th March 2019 the 4th PSG Meeting and Mid-term Review of TalkNET took place in Budapest in front of the Interreg Central Europe JS.

During the first day of meeting, partners discussed not only about project and financial management, but also about knowledge tools, action plans and training pathways. Among the decisions that were taken, an important one concerned the development of curricula on alternative fuel/energy and multimodality.

On the second day of meeting, partners had the chance to visit the Freeport of Budapest, which is also involved in the project, and to experience first-hand what TalkNET has contributed and is still contributing to do for the port.

Established in 1928, located at only 5 km from downtown, this trimodal port has an overall surface of 153 ha.

The Danube influences a lot the activities carried out during the year: unstable and unpredictable, water levels depend highly on natural conditions. As an example, in 2018 the water level was so low to hinder the traffic.

Mahart Container Center Kft has been able to develop immensely throughout the years, increasing its surface from 1,5 ha in the 1980s to 10 ha in 2019.

As an active TalkNET partner and leader of the Work Package Thematic 3, which focuses on pilot actions, the Freeport currently hosts a brand new development area (almost 40 ha).

What's next? To follow EU priorities, the aim of Hungarian public funds will be to create an LNG area: Interreg Central Europe's TalkNET sustains and provides best practices for stakeholders and key players in the whole Central Europe area.