Fifth partner meeting in Graz, Austria

Final stretch to the finish line for Peripheral Access! In October, our penultimate partner meeting was hosted by Regionalmanagement Steirischer Zentralraum in Graz, Austria. Now that almost every pilot project has progressed to implementation, we were very happy to see real results during the partner updates. 

Fourth partner meeting.

We also had the opportunity to visit the site of the multimodal „REGIOtim“ node in Hart bei Graz, which is the pilot project managed by Regionalmanagement Steirischer Zentralraum. “tim” is a mobility concept which interlinks different kinds of eco-friendly mobility modes at so called „multimodal nodes“. Until now these nodes were only available in cities like Graz and Linz, but with “REGIOtim” tim nodes will be implemented in the peripheral surrounding of Graz.

Click here to see a video about the site visit to the multimodal node.

After the site visit the Peripheral Access team visited the annual CIVITAS Forum conference, which provided an opportunity for networking and to hear about strategies and ideas for mobility solutions in all of Europe.