Second Project meeting in Hungary

For the second time, partners met in Balassagyarmat and Hollókó in northern Hungary. Discussions about reports, finances and deliverables, but also site visits in rural areas, organised by partners from KTI.

On the 12th April, partners gathered in Balassagyarmat, a Hungarian city at the Slovakian border, where a pilot action of the project will take place. After a meeting at the City Hall with the mayor, partners attended some presentations of transport planners of the municipality. In a second time, they had the opportunity to visit the city, and the multimodal platform of the city, really close to the border.

Balassagyarmat 1
Balassagyarmat 2

On the 13th April, project partners met in Hollókő, in Northern Hungary, a very rural region. Participants had the chance to visit the historic village of Hollókő, on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and its castle. Afterwards, partners updated their last results and deliverables during an intensive work session. This was the occasion to streamline the project, settle some issues and talk about the next steps.


Project partners meet all together only twice per year, in one of the place where peripheral Access will implement a pilot action, hosted by the local partner. These work sessions are really important to build a team capacity, get to know each other and go forward together, in a common point of view.